"During my chairmanship at USX and U.S. Steel corporations, Dr. Prezzia’s expertise enabled us to both favorably impact our OSHA record-keeping statistics going forward and reduce unnecessary medical expenses while insuring the highest quality of medical care for our employees."

Thomas J. Usher, Chairman, Marathon Oil Corporation  and Past-Chairman, USX and U.S. Steel Corporation

I-DOhC's comprehensive areas of expertise include:

  • Both non-occupational & occupational (workers compensation disability & cost management) including real-time intervention to minimize  unnecessary OSHA recordability & severity of work-related incidents
  • Internal corporate/hospital medical department & outside clinic medical department Quality Assurance programs and audits
  • Safety-related and ADA-defensible exams to determine pre-placement status, post employment fitness for duty exams, both regulatory and non-regulatory exams, e.g. CDL examinations, crane operator exams, etc.
  • Medical-forensic Determination of work-relatedness according to jurisdictional causality criteria, e.g. determination of confirmed Standard  Threshold Shifts (STS) under the OSHA Hearing Conservation Standard
  • Medical Review Officer review of drug and alcohol test results & administrative assistance as needed; both regulated & non-regulated
  • Travel medicine consultation including international expatriate & national medical intervention & triage assistance for employees &   families
  • Consultation & design of health-productivity programs
  • In-plant/facility medical department staffing including ad hoc on-site medical support for key stakeholder meetings