National occupational medicine practice that gets results.

National occupational medicine practice that gets results.

Where safety, industrial hygiene and human resource professionals get healthcare consultations that work.

We specialize in a wide range of both clinical and administrative services in occupational health, disability management, and workplace based healthcare services, on a 24/7 basis.

24/7 Physician On-call

Many occupational health services advertise 24/7 assistance, but how many offer a direct connection to a physician the first time, every time?

Medical Director Consultative Services

Cost-effective assistance in maximizing workplace health & safety.

OSHA and Workers Compensation

A Workers Compensation incident; is it work-related under OSHA criteria? I-DOhC provides expert analysis.

During my chairmanship at USX and U.S. Steel corporations, Dr. Prezzia’s expertise enabled us to both favorably impact our OSHA record-keeping statistics going forward and reduce unnecessary medical expenses while insuring the highest quality of medical care for our employees.Thomas J. Usher, Past Chairman, Marathon Oil, USX and U.S. Steel Corporations
After seven years of lowering OSHA recordables and improving employee health and safety, we are proud of our reputation for client service and success. Get to know the team behind it all.


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