Are your company health policies working for you and your employees?

I-DOhC provides services nationally and has assisted clients in remote locations by providing quality assurance programs and audits for internal corporate/hospital medical department & outside clinic medical departments.


Injury Prevention

The best injury is one prevented, and prevention occurs through ensuring a safe workplace. I-DOhC offers medical services including drug testing review and physical exams.

For every new retained client, I-DOhC offers a complimentary worksite physician visit to understand the unique conditions present at your worksite.

24/7 Real Time Case Management

Many occupational health services advertise 24/7 assistance. How many offer a direct physician connection the first time and every time?
Drs. Prezzia provide 24/7 real time case management for both non-occupational and occupational (workers compensation; disability; and cost management) injuries.

OSHA and State Compensability Differentiation

I-DOhC has had significant success in assisting clients in minimizing unnecessary OSHA recordability and severity of work-related incidents through real-time intervention, while assisting employees and employers to obtain any necessary medical services.

With licenses to practice medicine in multiple states, Drs. Prezzia have the experience necessary to make medical-forensic determinations of work-relatedness according to jurisdictional causality criteria.

I-DOhC also supports its clients through management of non-occupational (e.g. sickness and accident; Family Medical Leave Act) case management.

On-Site Medical Staffing and Examinations

Drs. Prezzia also offer in-plant and facility medical department staffing for performance of safety-related and ADA-defensible exams (e.g. determination of pre-placement status, post employment fitness-for-duty).

Due to the safety sensitive nature of many jobs, both Drs. Prezzia have a particular interest in drug tests reported by MRO as “negative,” but in fact are laboratory positives with safety implications.

Corporate Policies & Procedures for Corporations without Corporate Medical Directors

  • Corporate governance of in-plant medical departments
  • Corporate direction on pandemic evaluation responses
  • Pre-employment, fitness-for-duty and return-to-work procedures compliant with applicable rules and regulations
Dr. Prezzia and the I-DOhC 24/7 service assisted me and the safety staff at Union Electric to reduce our workers compensation costs from 2012 to 2016 by more than 80% and OSHA recordables by more than 70% in the same time frame.George Kolesar, Division Safety Manager, Paper Division, Sononco, and former Safety Director, Ampco/Union Electric




  • Medical Review Officer support through evaluation of DOT and non-DOT drug testing.
  • Determination of work-relatedness of confirmed Standard Threshold Shifts (STS) under the OSHA Hearing Conservation Standard.
  • Medical-forensic determination of work-relatedness according to jurisdictional causality criteria.


  • The assessment and improvement of the delivery of onsite healthcare related benefits for an organization.
  • Collaboration with internal and external parties to promote wellness, prevent disease and minimize disability by focusing on individuals.
  • Medical Review Officer review of drug and alcohol test results for both regulated and non-regulated tests.
  • The institution of innovative programs to realize extensive cost savings for an organization and quality healthcare for the individual.
  • Evaluation of internal corporate or hospital medical department and outside clinic medical department quality.

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